This is the main control room at Sandlane. The centrepiece is a Rupert Neve Design 5088 fully discrete analogue mixer. This state-of-the-art console has been fitted with 24 mono channels including 5052 pre-EQs and 8 stereo channels, making it a great choice for recording as well as mixing purposes.

Furthermore a variety of high quality pre-amps, compressors and effects are available, both vintage and modern. Because of our Apogee 16x converters (64 I/O), Barefoot MiniMain12 monitoring and acoustics balanced by Hans Koomans, every detail is accurately represented.

See 'equipment' for an in depth list of gear.




A lot of attention has been paid to both the acoustics and the atmosphere of the live room. It has a surface of 115m² and a height of 5m. This makes it perfectly suited for recording drums, grand piano, strings, wind instruments and choirs.

Movable baffles allow for extra control in shaping the room and make live performances easy to isolate. For fully isolated recordings there is a booth and connectivity with the dry room.




As its name suggests, this room has been designed for clear and dry recordings. This makes it a great choice for recording vocals and acoustic guitars. It can also be used to create compact drum sounds, as well as recording upright piano.

Visual and technical connectivity with the live room and both control rooms is available. This way it can be used in conjunction with the live room, or for a separate session with control room 2.




This is the smaller control room. Its compact setup makes it great for pre-production, arranging and mixing. It can also be used for recording in combination with the dry room.

This control room is currently the home base of producer Joost van den Broek, therefore it is permanently booked.




A comfortable atmosphere is key at Sandlane. When not in a recording session, guests can stay in the main hall or the upstairs lounge. The kitchen is at everyone's disposal for preparing food or grabbing a cup of coffee/tea.

Sandlane is situated in the centre of Rijen. A supermarket is right around the corner and quite a few restaurants are within walking distance.

For guests coming from further away we offer the possibility to stay overnight. For this purpose there are two single beds in the lounge upstairs. It is also possible to take a shower after a long day of work.